Mutated Genes, Pathways, Processes and protein Domains in tumours web application.


This web-application is dedicated to browse and search cellular processes, pathways, and protein domains containing a significant number of mutated genes among different tumor types.

Combining many sources of information, we were able to create a dataset containing more than 5,000 genes mutated in cancers. A fisher's test has been applied to identify pathways (Kegg, Biocarta and Reactome), processes (Gene Ontology Biological Process) and protein domains (Interpro) that contain more mutated genes than expected by chance.

The significant results are displayed as a graph, in which the tumour types are associated to common (shared, white links/edges) and specific (yellow links/edges) pathways, proccesses or protein domains. The graph can be browsed and searched according to:

  • Tumour type
  • Functional annotation database
  • Common or specific associations
  • Significance: 3 Q-value thresholds are defined leading to very strong, strong and medium thresholds.

Raw data is available through a web service and tab-separated files